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    17 Mar


    Posted by Natural Earth Health Products on Tuesday, March 17, 2015

    In the past week alone I have had two people close to me complain of hives and having red itchy skin. As you may know, I am the kind of person who asks why? Whats the root cause? - not what pill can I take to fix it?

    Both Males - both with interesting diets  (said with a serious face and one eyebrow raised very high) and both have it happen when they heat up from exercise or take a hot shower.

    So I wanted to share a little info on histamine for you and found some great articles that give you some answers on what is it that you are putting in and on your body that triggers the response.

    Histamine is one of those chemicals that performs multiple jobs and is something that we cannot do without. It's a bio-active chemical (useful and natural within the body), a neurotransmitter (messenger between cells), a mediator in inflammatory & allergic responses. It regulates access to the blood capillaries, also regulating stomach acid, muscle contractions, and even brain function. It defends against pathogenic viruses, bacteria, etc. In other words, we need it! So what might cause it to elevate to a point where it presents a reaction and symptoms? What foods can cause our tolerance levels to rise? What does our gut bacterial have to do with it?

    Click on the below links to access some great articles on histamine.

    Histamine Intolerance:

    Histamine and Excercise