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    04 Feb

    Let's work together and share our experiences for better health!

    Posted by Natural Earth Health Products on Wednesday, February 04, 2015

    I'm up for shared opinions. Those of you who know me personally know I am never backwards in coming forward :)

    We can all be excited about what we learn and want to share. If it has been good for us why would you not want to share it for others? If it is a warning that you have based on your experience - again why wouldn't you save someone else the trouble of having to find out for themselves? If it is something new you have learned that has made you choose for the better - let others know...right?

    I was amazed at a comment I recently read in a newsletter by my friend Cyndi O'Meara from Changing Habits (pictured above on the right with myself on the left and Kim Morrison from Twenty8 in the centre) where she was talking about every one getting along, Here is the extract:

    "There also seems to be a bit of science snobbery in the dietitian realm. In a forum, one young dietitian called me 'another semi-educated zealot'. She went on to say 'who has the gift of the gab (and books for sale) and that it is a personal opinion, mostly lacking an evidence base'.   Harsh words from a dietitian only two years graduated toward another passionate foodie and nutritionist with six years of university (all science) under her belt and 30 years of experience".

    I shook my head at the thought of someone; letters or no letters after their name having a go at Cyndi who has been nothing short of amazing in her efforts to teach people about the dangers of a toxic diet and environment for over 30 years. She has explained and endorsed a real and whole food diet. She has changed the lives of countless people and many owe a regeneration to good health to her and the information she shares.

    Yes, Cyndi may have a book and products to sell (all fantastic and in my pantry and sold on our webstore because they are wonderful, real food based products). But I  know this woman grew this business and her following on her own back - it wasn't always easy and at times tough. I always remember her telling me that people would walk out of her talks when she was talking healthy fats well before many other. To have products to sell that support your message and fund the continuation of getting a message out there is in my opinion fantastic. It makes it much easier for people to get what they need to make changes. Cyndi has done very well and its wonderful to see the rewards  - would you not want that for her and her family? She now has a team around her that is helping to see the business grow, provide the latest research findings and have the message reach further. Woo Hoo!!

    Lets all encourage each other. Guide for the right reasons and share because you like to inspire and help others - right or wrong it is your experience and others can take it how they choose.

    It's not the only example I have seen. There are too many negative comments that are posted on social media that are completely unnecessary. Sometimes very unkind to those who have gone to much effort to write a post to share information. Just check out Chef Pete Evans and how much fire he gets! Thank goodness he just keeps on keeping on!

    James from Food Matters is another that was dealt a very unnecessary dig in a comment feed I recently followed. These guys have too made a major impact on getting the message of a healthy living and better choices out on an international level. What they have done is nothing short of flipping amazing!

    Just imagine we didn't have these great people sharing what they know to be true for them. We would have the cleverly comprised television and marketing campaigns to educate us for companies that do only care about the $! Yikes!!

    We are up against a big battle. Just take a walk through a supermarket and run for cover!  I think it is sad at how so many people are not educated about wise food choices or they are educated by television advertisements and cleaver marketing about health and well being.

    WE should all encourage each other. Keep negativity away and lets make better choices by setting a good example and sharing our own experiences.

    Yours in good health,