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    20 Nov

    Do you have the Guts to be Healthy?

    Posted by Natural Earth Health Products on Thursday, November 20, 2014

    Well do you? Do you understand what it might take in today's day and age? I guess we should all start with a real grasp of what exactly is our microbiome and what is it that makes us have either a good, robust inner eco system or one that causes upset, systemic distress and inflammation in our bodies.  If you want better immunity, efficient digestion, improved clarity and balance, focus on rebuilding your gut health. Read more

    08 Oct

    The best sources of fiber come from food! Taking a supplement for it Cannot and Will Not replace the damage of a poor diet!

    Posted by Natural Earth Health Products on Wednesday, October 08, 2014

    Fiber has had a little spot light in the media recently (yay) and I gave you some information of the importance of fiber in my last newsletter - but since sending that out, I took it upon my self to see what was been sold as fiber supplementation in the supermarket aisles... If you had been standing near me you would have thought I was a slightly crazy lady - shaking her head in disbelief and saying out loud 'Why would anyone in their right mind take this stuff.. I was appalled. Read more

    18 Sep

    Read Your Labels!

    Posted by Natural Earth Health Products on Thursday, September 18, 2014

    Are you flipping kidding me.. I'm on the net looking for a product for a friend that i need to see the ingredients of and this product caught my eye - touted as a Superfood Smoothie Mix - with over 38 superfoods!!! You should see the look on my face, it says it all! Read more

    01 Jan


    Posted by Natural Earth Health Products on Tuesday, January 01, 2013

    It’s a rare day when there is not an article published in a newspaper, magazine or online about food and diet. What we eat and drink and how it affects us is becoming of genuine interest to more people each and every day. If you are not thinking about what’s going into and onto your body I encourage you to start — but for the right reasons. Too many people are making decisions based solely on whether they believe that food or drink will lead to weight gain or weight loss. By making good health your goal, you get a better understanding of the factors affecting weight. More than ever the true properties and the potential value of food is being recognised. What you eat and drink can have a profound effect on how you feel and can help reduce the risk of disease as well as promote vitality and energy for you. Read more