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    24 Mar

    What's the rage about Paleo?

    Posted by Natural Earth Health Products on Tuesday, March 24, 2015

    Health and diet have certainly had their fair share of the media lately - in particular the Paleo movement with our very own Celebrity Aussie Chef Pete Evans pushing hard publicly for awareness for what he has found to be a better way of life for himself personally. With his Paleo Way tour selling out across the country - people obviously want to know more and are looking for a different way to eat to our Standard Western Diet that is so not working! 

    And judging by the marketing band wagon - I just roll my eyes every time I get emailed that a new 'Paleo' product has been released! Talk about overuse of a word for the sake of the supermarket shelf!

    People are really, really vocal on the point. Many are not well educated on the diet either - they don't see the point of living like a 'caveman' when we have come so far. Others are questioning 'How do we really know what people ate in these eras'? Alan Aragon spoke on this at a forum titled The Claims versus evidence on the Paleo Diet, click here to see his presentation.

    Whilst this is true and these are warranted questions what is so wrong with a diet that encourages no processed foods and cuts out the crap? Others, particularly dietitians are touting the importance of not eliminating whole food groups from ones diet. Again, valid.

    Me and Mine? I love dairy and love that we are provided so much nutrient and the ability to create so many foods from the stream. For me, it is all about where it's from and what the cow is being fed! I love nothing more than a Chicken, Leak (oh no a legume :/ ) and Mushroom Pie that I make from scratch and with my gluten free flour blend and find nothing more divine than a crisp roast potato (in Macadamia oil) for a treat on the plate (esp. alongside a roast chicken with homemade gravy). Oh and my nightshades... Yep, I love them too... So, no its not for me to sign up as a strict follower.... I'm a JERFer (just eat real food er) and big into MYO (make your own) and love nothing more than to Create Share and Inspire from my own kitchen!  There is very much a true need to be aware of the damage processed foods are bringing to our health. Its so important to know your numbers, and know the names manufactures are using to confuse you; and you will want toknow where your food is coming from and what your food is eating. Treat your gut to good microbes (probiotics) and slow down when you eat! Be aware of not only whats going in but whats going on your body and what your surroundings are! 

    But as said, I have found it interesting to watch the comment feeds on social media and input by way of media releases or blogs from health professionals over the last few months. I liked this one from Melanie Robinson ND BHSc who addresses the question what s it about Pete that gets people so peeved?

    As expected, everyone will have their own opinion but if you have 20 mins here is what I consider a good presentation from Christina Warinner an Archaeological Scientist who studies the heath and dietary histories of ancient people on what real paleo people might have eaten. She explains the science behind the tests they use to gather the data. I like how she summarizes on what we can learn from our ancestors. I think she makes good sense,.…

    Yours in good health