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    24 Apr

    Who do you believe

    Posted by Natural Earth Health Products on Friday, April 24, 2015

    There has been much said in the press recently about Belle Gibson, founder of The Whole Pantry and her swag of lies that have left many people feeling cheated and taken advantage of. I like what I read by Bianca -  Bionica Fit Warrior on the discovery and confirmation of lies and how social media played a role in it.

    Then there is Dr Oz - yep the one on TV, who presents some very interesting findings in this 6 minute video on the 10 doctors who have requested his removal from Columbia University Medical School. Calling him a Quack and discrediting him for promoting treatments for and products for personal gain and the disapproval of GMO foods. Go Dr Oz. I think he should keep up the good work. I don't often watch the show but it seems to me that he gets people thinking and asking questions. Like he says in the intro - "you have the right and the responsibility to become a world expert on your own body. To do this, have access to the best and most current information - multiple points of view and diverse opinions to come to an informed decision".

    Below are the links to the article in the Melbourne Age and the link to Dr Oz's Video posted on his Facebook page.

    The below is from Bianca's Article 

    Yours in good health


    The power of social media sometimes allows you to put your health in the trust of those who may not be deserving of it. Beware!

    This woman is possibly mentally ill, probably completely delusional - but the Australian public are not complete victims in this situation.

    A young beautiful girl who says eating whole foods can cure her cancer ..... What a great story!

    The world is always willing to up level someone's credibility due to the way they look. And fear of The Big C is a powerful motivator.

    Put the two together and we have a phenomenon like Belle Gibson.

    Many people followed her for hope that she really might be able to cure cancer....

    Others followed her because she was a young attractive girl with great marketing skills.

    I can't help but wonder if this is like the outrage of Milli Vanilli lip synching . Did you buy the music because you liked it ? or only because you liked the dudes who were dancing to it?

    Did people support Belle Gibson because they actually just really wanted healthy recipes ? Or did they just buy into the image?

    Regardless - did she help people improve their health?

    Is this an end that justifies the means ? Or is it completely unforgivable regardless of any positive outcomes.

    Cancer is such a fear mongering tactic - and one that has tragically touched the hearts and lives of so many dear to us.

    I presume that all the anger towards Belle is because her actions are viewed as a massive disrespect to those whom we love or have loved and have been victims of cancer....

    It just makes me sad as so often Belles name is lumped in with a friend of mine Jessica Ainscough as "reckless" advocates of natural health. Jess, also a wellness blogger passed away from cancer only a few weeks ago. She helped people change their lives for the better, she constantly dedicated her life to educating herself, she didn't reject conventional medicine, and her treating oncologists do not agree that Jess would have survived if she had chemotherapy 7 years earlier (she had already had it once and it failed).

    Perhaps if people didn't put their social media idols on such a pedestal - stories like Belle Gibsons deception wouldn't have happened.

    A sad day for everyone involved nonetheless.