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    All your products are high in fibre – what are the benefits of that?

    One of my favorite topics to write about! Click here and here and here to see some of my articles on the very subject.

    * Keep your digestive system healthy and prevent constipation by making stools bulky and soft.
    * Lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
    * Lower your risk of colon cancer, heart disease, and digestive problems like diverticulitis.
    * Improve blood sugar in people with diabetes.
    * Control weight gain by making you feel full so that you eat less.

    Fibre is essential to overall health and the continual elimination of waste, which aids in the optimal function of the liver – blood from the digestive system must first filter through the liver before it travels anywhere else in the body.

    Are your protein formulas a meal replacement and will they help me lose weight??

    Yes. Most people in western society are starving themselves in an abundance of food. So many foods today are highly processed, there is hardly any nutritional value left for the body. So you are basically eating fillers (feed the appetite, but not the body). Our blends provide you with a nutrient dense meals and great satiety that not only nourish the body - but encourage it to cleanse and provide energy - from natural foods supplying a natural energy source.

    Will it help me lose weight (body fat)?

    If you have cereal or toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch etc, or any processed carbohydrate simply replace these with a serving our our Gen 1:29 Superseed or Protein Formulas to, give you a high protein, high fibre, good fat, antioxidant rich meal replacement - thats exactly what your body needs to have all the right signals happen to tell your your full and keep you feeling full for longer and creating stability for your blood sugar levels. Helping to control the cravings for all the wrong things and the drop in energy and need for a pick me up (think coffee and muffin kinda thing mid morning).

    Can I use this product when pregnant?

    The answer is yes. The extra protein, essential fatty acids, fibre and minerals will be of benefit to you whilst pregnant. You should use it as an addition to your existing daily diet for snacks in between your meals. It is also a natural solution for sluggish bowels which can be a problems whilst pregnant. 

    Do you offer Discount Codes?

    We sure do - make sure your subscribed to our newsletter mailing list on our website to recieve offers often contained in our monthly newsletters along with great recipes and healthy living articles, on food and lifestyle. 

    Do you post internationally?

    We currently only post within Australia and New Zealand at this point in time. We have a sister company in the UK - Purition ( - who legally and contractually purchased our IP from us.. so there product is vouched for by us at NEHP... unlike others here in Australia who make claims on developing the product and making it themselves which they do not...

    How do I get ideas and recipes to use for the products?

    NEHP has 3 social media portals. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. To those I  post daily whats cooking in my own real food kitchen to create, share and inspire with ideas and favorites of my own family. We load recipes up also onto our recipe tab on the web site and with each monthly newsletter I release a new recipe for you to try at home. Be sure to sign up via the home page. 

    How long can I keep it for?

    Our stock is never usually more than 1 week old from when it is crushed and produced. It is our up most priority that our product is freshly delivered. To sustain the products once opened we recommend keeping it in a cool dry place. Or if you are buying in bulk - you can choose to store in the Freezer.

    How long will it take for delivery?

    Allow up to 7 working days for delivery. It’s usually delivered well within this time frame, infact orders often go out the day they come in, but on occasion, we may be busy making the product fresh for you and need to wait on supply of a raw material.

    What is Apple Pectin Fibre?

    Science has long known that the nutrients in apple peels benefit a variety of bioactive functions. Naturally rich in antioxidant polyphenols and other health-promoting compounds,  Apple Pectin is a form of fiber from plant cell walls and is made from the pomace of an apple - that comprises the skins, pulp, seeds, and stems of the fruit. It is said to be useful for lowering cholesterol, bile metabolism, and blood sugar levels - slowing the rate at which your body absorbs sugars. It helps to keep you regular, assists to makes passing easier, assists with inflammation and mucosal repair of the gut lining and is effective for absorbing and holding toxins including heavy metals so the body can clean out

    Apple Pectin is able to form a gel or jelly like substances in the intestines -  this formation creates a filtration mechanism whereby the degradation of foods to its reabsorb-able substance is reduced.  Its soluble and insoluble compounds act like a broom to help cleanse the entire intestinal tract of waste material. Apple Pectin is truly a Superfood with functionality well above it nutritional value to the body.

    Supplied directly from the worlds best manufacture of the product in Germany, 100% apple pure apple pectin retains the phytonutrients, potency and high antioxidant content found in fresh all-natural apple peels.  It contains no preservatives, artificial colours, dyes or additives.  Naturally is gluten and dairy-free.

    What is Inactive Dried Yeast?

    Inactive Dried Yeast (nutritional yeast) is a natural source of protein with both essential and non-essential amino acids and is high in B Complex vitamins which are important for energy production. Purpose made by the fermentation It is made from a single cell yeast which is beneficial to our bodies (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae) by non-alcoholic fermentation on molasses. It is made inactive and dried on steam heated roller dryers. The product is then milled to a fine, course powder which is light golden in colour with a delicate, toasted yeast flavour (often used to add a nutty, cheese like flavour to dishes). It is a great addition for those looking for a natural way to increase their intake of nutrients.

    It is naturally low in fat, salt and has no added flavours, preservatives or colours and is naturally gluten free.

    Can I use it safely if I am following a no yeast diet like one for Candida Albicans?

    This yeast is totally inactive and does not feed candida.

    Is it the same as Brewers Yeast?

    No brewers yeast is a by-product of the beer making industry requiring more processing. The product we use has been purpose made for its nutritional benefits.

    What is the difference between a Whey Isolate and a Whey Concentrate?

    Often asked this as it is the point of difference between our 3 protein formulas. The type of protein used makes a difference. Body sculpt is way protein isolate. Powergen  uses a concentrate. Muscle Gen is a blend of the two. There is no  A whey isolate is pushed through finer sieves in order to isolate the protein to a higher level. Producing a 90% protein dry powder. A concentrate produces an 80% protein. In saying that there is more mineral and vitamin in a concentrate because it is less processed but less lactose and fats in and isolate.

    What if I am Lactose Intolerant?

    A Whey Isolate is a good protein source for individuals with lactose intolerance as it contains little or no lactose. 

    What is the difference between the whey in our Whey Protein Superfood Formulas?

    The major difference is the type of whey protein we use.

    BodySculpt is based on a Whey Isolate - Powergen is a Whey Concentrate and Musclegen is a blend of the two. Isolate is 90% protein and virtually fat and lactose free and a concentrate is less processed at 80% protein.

    There is a write up on the difference of the Concentrate under Powergen category description.

    All our Whey is from Australia (Concentrate) and New Zealand (Isolate) from cows that are grass fed year round - again I go into this on the Powergen info.

    There are differences in the levels of seed. For example we use more pepitas in the mens formula for mens hormonal health and more flax and chia in the womens for the Omega 3 contribution.

    What is the scoop equivalence in your products equal to in tablespoons?

    Our serving size for the protein is 50g which is 1 1/2 scoops. To get the same amount using tablespoons use 2 heaped.

    Where is your Whey from?

    Our Whey Concentrate is manufactured in Tasmania, Australia from cows that are fed on the lush green pastures of that most beautiful Island in our South. Our Whey Protein Isolate is from just across the pond in again the beautiful, lush, green pastures of New Zealand. No European or American cheapies here.. only the best for us.

    Who makes your products?

    We do! Ourselves. Yes we are the manufacturer. The one and only. That way we control exactly what goes in and were fussy with all our ingredients. Nothing but the best goes into each and every one of our beautiful products. We supply most of our ingredients from Australia - but not all are grown here in our vast land - so what we do get in from overseas - we ensure is the very best quality and the freshest.

    Why do we use Whey Protein?

    Whey protein can be incorporated into the diet to improve body composition, strength and power without large gains in body mass. Many people can benefit from adding whey protein to their diet:

    Healthy, active adults: Adults who partake in regular resistance exercise may find that whey protein helps to improve body composition by helping increase the rate at which the body makes lean muscle. Ingestion of 20 grams of whey protein increases protein synthesis when consumed before or after resistance exercise.

    Those trying to manage their weight: Diets high in protein have been shown to help people feel fuller longer, which may reduce the desire to snack or overeat, leading to decreased caloric intake. Higher-protein, reduced-calorie diets also have been shown to improve the quality of weight loss by increasing the loss of body fat and/or reducing the loss of lean muscle.
    An aging population: Starting at about the age of 40, many adults experience an age-related loss of muscle mass, function and strength — a condition referred to as sarcopenia. Exercise and increasing your protein intake, such as including whey protein at each meal, can be an easy and healthy way to prevent or slow this loss.

    Whey protein has been shown to:
    • Build muscle mass
    • Lower blood pressure
    • Speed recovery time
    • Boost immunity
    Act as a prebiotic to feed the healthy microflora in your intestines.

    Click here to read more on whey in a blog post by Sarah Clarke

    Why is Soy Lecethin used in Whey protein?

    Lecithin is added as wetting agent to provide rapid and complete wetting of powders into aqueous systems. 'Instant' powders require surface modifiers to improve hydration and dissolution when they are reconstituted.

    Lecethin generally refers to a mixture of phospholips and oil. Phospholipds are a component of the cell membrane in a plant.

    Soy Lecethin has no proteins from the soy so there are no issues with the anti nutrients that are associated with Soy products. It is only found in trace amounts in the finished product.

    ref: Kris Kresser.