This month, I have been busy changing a few things on the website making it easier to navigate through the catalogues and I have also created some great bargains (who doesn't love a bargain). So be sure to check out the sale catalog. I was in an extra good mood when I did it... lucky for you!!

I have been busy preparing 4 blog posts for your information - the first is on the almighty, trending, very functional super-food Turmeric. We are fortunate enough to grow turmeric at our own family farm, here on the Sunshine Coast along with its cousin Ginger, so getting hold of the fresh root is not hard for me, but it's not always around in stores so I have sourced a great alternative for you. It is a natural Turmeric Paste that is an award winning, chemical free product that tastes great and is very handy to use. I have it at 20% off for you for a short time! I have listed as the product of the month below.

It has been a shame to see the true story of Belle Gibson - founder of the Whole Pantry unfold. Click here for the link to my blog post which includes the article from the Melbourne Age and a commentary from Bionica Fit Warrior, which I thought was a good response. What I don’t like, is that it gives room for a negative spin on the health and wellness industry - in which many are doing the right thing for the right reasons. This lead me to add to the post the response from Dr Oz to his colleagues who are trying to bring him down... interesting and unnerving findings... Who do you believe these days? There is also a post on a TED Talk about Astroturf... Astro What??? Yeah - it’s very' Trumanesque' Show stuff - click here to see what I'm harping about....

I have also provided a post about why you should avoid Sugar Alcohols - these include Erythritol, Mannitol, Sorbitol and Xylitol as many people think these are healthy alternatives.

Since we in Queensland are just now pulling out the Ugg boots, this months warming recipe is Golden Tea using turmeric and ginger - perfect for this time of year. This cold weather is the time to use our beautiful, nourishing Organic spiced Blendz range - True Cinnamon or Cardamom blended with raw cacao. These can be a perfect nutrient dense pick-me-up hot chocolate in the afternoon and soothing and calming drink before heading to bed for a perfect slumber. Also in the recipe feed is a great anti-inflammatory slice using Turmeric and coconut.

I have also updated the Frequently Asked Questions on the website so you can discover more about our products and the questions I am commonly asked such as - why do we use both Nutritional Inactive Dried Yeast and Apple Pectin Fiber in our own products and the differences between the whey we use in our protein smoothie blends? Click here to read through them.

Enough from me - my fingers are getting cold. Now I am heading off to make myself that Healthy Blendz Hot Chocolate - which one Cardamom or Cinnamon? Tough choice...

Keep Warm and Keep Well... Yours in good health,


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Wonderful Turmeric

According to the WHO up to 80% of the worlds population (7 billion) rely upon traditional medicines for their primary health care needs, in part to the high costs of western pharmaceuticals. Medicines derived from plants have played a pivotal role in the health care of both ancient and modern cultures. One of the prime sources of plant derived medicines is spices. ..

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Who do you believe

There has been much said in the press recently about Belle Gibson, founder of The Whole Pantry and her swag of lies that have left many people feeling cheated and taken advantage of. I like what I read by Bianca - Bionica Fit Warrior on the discovery and confirmation of lies and how social media played a role in it. ..

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Golden Milk - Turmeric and Ginger Tea
Creamy, faintly sweet and fragrant with the potent flavors of ginger and turmeric, Golden Milk is a deeply nourishing drink, warming and perfect for these colder winter afternoons that we are experiencing. Makes 2 cups. ..
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