I am not long back from a wonderful family trip to England, a long way to go, but we spent time enjoying catching up with family and friends, digging into history - visiting heritage listed homes and sites which is another of my favorite things to do (I so wish I could be a time traveler) and visiting Purition - the crew who took on our base recipes and are gaining great momentum with the business and products in the UK. I very much enjoyed summer-time seasonal and locally sourced foods and played with many ingredients in my cooking that I don't find here at home.

So quickly back into the swing of life and at the helm of Natural Earth, I have implemented some changes on the list of things to do when I got back....
  • We have condensed the Protein Smoothie blend range by making Musclegen and GenBodySculpt under the Powergen label. Same great products - just one name!
  • In doing so, Powergen Coconut is now available with or without organic water extracted stevia for a touch of sweetness with zero calories and zero GI response. Made from the Stevia plant - our very high grade Organic Stevia is from the tips of the leaf and does not have the bitter aftertaste some people get with cheaper stevia products. It was used in both the Musclegen and GenBodysculpt previously so if you like that same taste be sure to add the 'with stevia' option to your cart.
  • Yes - Natural Vanilla Bean Powergen has been made! We did a trial batch and without doubt it was loooved! So it is now available to purchase on the webstore in 1.5kg (30 serve) tubs and 5kg Bulk. We found an Organically Sourced Madagascan Vanilla Bean powder - a beautiful, sustainable and truly natural source of vanilla yum.
  • We have also standardised our pricing across all of our Protein Smoothie Blends so you can try other flavours at no extra cost. This means that it is just $2.33 per serve in the 1.5kg tub and even cheaper in the 5kg pail and refill bag. Try buying a healthy meal elsewhere for that price!

It’s a rare day nowadays when there is not an article published in a newspaper, magazine or online about food and diet. What we eat and drink and how it affects us is becoming of genuine interest to more people each and every day. If you are not thinking about what’s going into and onto your body I encourage you to start — but for the right reasons. Too many people are making decisions based solely on whether they believe that food or drink will lead to weight gain or weight loss. By making good health your goal, you get a better understanding of the factors affecting weight. More than ever the true properties and the potential value of food is being recognised. What you eat and drink can have a profound effect on how you feel and can help reduce the risk of disease as well as promote vitality and energy for you.

Spring is a great chance to start new things. To have a 'Health Style' is a change for life. Its about the big picture not sweating the small stuff and I believe its about having the flexibility to make changes when life throws you curve balls! The challenge is maintaining enough structure in your routine to keep you on the right path. What gives your Health Style that structure is healthy habits. Habits are consistent behaviors, not single actions, to form these is the only reliable way to make lasting improvements on your health and physique and then you work out which ones have the best impact. Whatever your style, it’s not difficult to make small changes that can have positive effects on your health that can become good habits. While it wont look the same for everyone, by integrating wellness choices into your everyday life more regularly, it will become normal.

You can start by learning about the benefits of basic ingredients so you can make more informed choices. If you haven't seen our 'Take A Closer Look at Our Ingredients Sheet' click here for some interesting facts on the ingredients we use in our own products at Natural Earth.

One of my top tips - don’t let the nutrition panels determine your choice. Look at the ingredients list. Make what you put into your body count, choose REAL food, whole foods and functional foods (foods that go above and beyond their nutritional content for your body). If there are numbers or confusing long names on the list of ingredients, chances are your body won’t recognise it or utilise it properly. Often your body will store what it can’t recognise.

The human body is something to be cherished. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said “the first wealth is health” and while I am on a roll... I recently came across a new version of “Eat, Drink and be Merry”... It’s “Eat and Drink Wisely and live merrily today and tomorrow”.

With that in mind this months recipe is my Persian Love Cake that people are loving and I hear it is now being made in a few cafes around the country which is awesome!! Trust me its absolutely divine, easy to make and gets lots of mmmmmmm mmmmmm when served. My blog post this month is a link to an ABC Report - aired in July on coconut production in the Solomon Islands which is really interesting and puts the spotlight on where we proudly source all our beautiful coconut products from.

Don't forget if you are a Sunshine Coast local and want to pick up your orders from Woombye - just select 'Local Pick-up' from the shipping options and it will be ready for collection from the Gym - Divinity Fitness located in the same building and with extended open hours for more convenience.

Until next time & Yours in good health.


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ABC Landline Report on our coconut manufacturer

This is a great report on ABC's Landline from the Solomons on how an Australian economist is helping the poor island nation develop a coconut oil industry. A new system for producing cold-pressed virgin coconut oil could hold the key to helping developing countries develop a long-neglected resource. We are proud to say that this company in the Solomons is the provider of our coconut ingredients. ..

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Persian Love Cake
A wonderful, fast to prepare and glorious to serve and enjoy dessert or morning/afternoon tea treat. Great for any occasion... Formal or informal. Ingredients 2 Cups Blanched Almond Meal 1.5 Cups Natural Earth..
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PowerGen Natural Vanilla Bean 1.5kg
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