Here we are, December 2014. I love noticing the changes around us here in Queensland at his time of year. The earlier sun rising, crickets buzzing, the early happy song of the birds, watching the dark grey clouds form in the sky in and the smell of the rain coming that cools the heat of the day - the cracking sound of thunder in the sky and the show of the lightening when a storm rolls in and off course the voice of Richie Benaud coming from the tv - as our national sport - cricket takes the spotlight. Ah Summer... Sun, sand, beach, salads, seafood, and all of the above.

Its Christmas and since the recipes are very popular parts of the newsletters I have 2 Christmas Cakes for you this month! Both are Gluten Free and not complicated. One, is a family recipe from a lovely friend - and is named after her Grandma - So I give you Dorothy's Christmas Cake. The second is a Paleo Christmas Cake that is Nutrish (that's delicious and nutritious all in one word) and is totally delightful.

I have put together some discounted Christmas Pantry Packs for you including an amazing organic Australian fruit mix for you to use and a fantastic versatile gluten free flour blend that I would not be without in my pantry. Numbers are limited so be quick to get in first so you don't miss out.
In the online store you will find we have added a few new products. I'm excited to say I have true Arrowroot for you - which is an ingredient in our Gluten Free, Grain Free Gen Superseed Bread recipe. Trust me this bread takes about half an hour from start to finish. An easy recipe to put together for a very tasty bread loaf and converts to a fruit loaf or herb loaf very easily.

I decided to write a blog on Raw Cacao for you this month. I am asked often what is the difference between it and cocoa and what makes it raw and why is it considered a superfood? I answer all these questions in the blog and give you a little history on the origins of chocolate.

I'm really looking forward to next year. Over the Christmas break we will be busy converting our mezzanine level of our building in Woombye into a Kitchen Workshop space. It will be awesome to host some real food fast classes there for you during which I go over the why I choose to eat and feed my family the way I do. I honestly believe when you have insight into the many industries in which the conduct of business is not based on a clear commitment to the common good and often serves it bottom line first and foremost, it can become dangerous and destructive. With advertising campaigns often causing confusion as consumers are educated with misinformation
as they sell, sell sell.

So, in saying that  - if your interested, keep an eye on the events page (on the website) heading into the new year as I will be advising dates in upcoming newsletters.

Well the season to be Merry and celebrate the birth of Jesus is truly upon us  - the decorations are up and the countdown is on. Until next year... Enjoy and Love Healthy!

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Do you get post Chocolate guilt?

Many of us would agree that Chocolate is one of the nicest of pleasures as far as food is concerned.. but for many people it’s unfortunately a “guilty pleasure”... It need not be! ..

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The Dark Side of the Chocolate Industry

It was on a long haul flight that I watched this documentary on the Dark Side of the Chocolate industry. I was so taken by the story they told of a world where Children are taken advantage of and the lack of true industry care. We are talking Raw Cacao this month at Natural Earth and I am big on going down the rabbit hole with where my food is coming from which includes my chocolate! You might be surprised to find that many of the mainstream chocolate products you may be consuming may possibly be sourced from unethical child labor production areas around the globe. It is a sad story and I believe industries actions to date have not made great inroads towards solving or really making a change to the problem. Throwing money into these communities in an effort to assist often falls into the wrong hands and ends up misused. ..

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Paleo Christmas Cake
This is a great tasting Paleo Christmas cake full of goodness! You can also mix it up and give it a chocolate twist using our Blendz Balance and Enliven. Ingredients 1 cup Almond Meal (http://www.naturale..
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Christmas Cooking Pack 1
Christmas Cooking Pack 1
Christmas Cooking Pack 1
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