Hello Matthew,

Wow, we are heading into the Easter season fast! I hope the new year is going well for you and you are achieving what you set out to for the first part of the year! Easter is a time of new beginnings so if you haven't quite gotten to a point that you thought you might - it's a great reason to start!

The Paleo movement has sure had its fair share of the media spotlight of late and comes up in many conversations, so I have put together some links to what I considered well rounded opinions on all the fuss. The second blog post is on histamine. Its something we need in our bodies, but it can cause a downright problem for many if levels are too high... and as our bodies so cleverly do in many instances - we get warning signs that its struggling and needs you to address the issue and yes your diet and gut are in the firing line!

I am excited to say I have finally put together our much wanted Gen 1:29 Muesli into 1kg bags as there have been many requests for it. It is now in our webstore and again I have provided you with recipes like my praise worthy Bircher (see product page)! It comes with a warning... don't expect leftovers! The muesli blend can also be used in a muesli bar slice and turned into nutrient dense biscuits. Click here to find out more.

I have shared two recipes this month. They were both very popular on my social media feeds when I posted them. The first is a healthy version of a wholefood chocolate fudge using our popular Blendz Balance and Enliven which is made with Raw Cacao and True Cinnamon Verum. If you are interested to know more about Cinnamon and what the 'True' version is and where it's from, click here. There is 15% off our Blendz Balance and Enliven for the next two weeks in the online store.

The second is what I call a healthy take on an 'Old Favourite' The Cherry Ripe Super Slice! Both are quick to make recipes that takes care of that choccie fix when you need one - without the guilt. Perfect to serve up at Easter time!!

If you're not already, make sure you follow what's happening in my own real food kitchen on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Just click the links and hit follow to have it show in your news feed. I love nothing more than creating, sharing and inspiring from my home to yours.

I want to make mention of a wonderful portion control system called The Wait Plate. Designed by John Arbuckle a Dr for over 40 years and his wife Kelly who has studied the Psychology of Eating Disorders, this system teaches both speed of eating and portion control of your real food meals. Providing a system and tools that help you learn portion visualisation. This is no diet. It's how you eat and for those of you who struggle with this and for those who truly have lost the sensitivity of the hormones that tell us we are full and to push back the table its a great way to help your body bring it all back into line. They happen to have a special offer at present. Click here to find out more.

To finish, some food for thought:

Feeling good and being healthy and not necessarily the same. You don't have to wait for symptoms of disease to tell you that something is wrong. Many people wait until they are sick to worry about their health. Waiting until you feel sick is not the time to try and get healthy that is the time to try and survive and reverse the disease. You get healthy one day to time. As Dr Mark Hyman says "Health doesn't happen in the doctors office, It happens in your kitchen, in your schools and where we eat and where we live"!

Keep loving Healthy!


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Chocolate Coconut Fudge Slice and Cherry Ripe Slice
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Blendz Balance and Enliven Org Raw Cacao and Cinnamon Verum 200g
Blendz Balance and Enliven Org Raw Cacao and Cinnamon Verum 200g
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