October been a crazy busy month at Natural Earth and I really can’t believe that it less than five weeks until its Christmas, so in saying that I have been a little cheeky and combined my October and November newsletters into one... and you will see December follow closely behind...

As promised in the last newsletter,  I wanted to talk about GUT health with you. This topic is in the spotlight on many fronts at present - and rightly so. There is much new research and findings on our digestive system and what is going on inside and why it is so very important to the way we feel, look and think...  

So, I have had to break up what I want to share into a few blog posts for you. The first of which is  titled “Do you have the Guts to be Healthy?” its a loaded question! It covers the basics and I hope it helps you gain an understanding of what your own inner eco-system is and how it affects you each and every day of your life.

The second goes a little deeper into the good bugs - the Lactobacillus bacteria and I share some of the research findings on why these are called the good bugs and why we want more of them.

The third blog post...  Did you know you have two brains?  Includes a video of a TED Talk by Heribert Watzke, Food Scientist on the hidden brain in your GUT and the surprising things that it makes us feel. Considering its said that over 90% of our feel good hormone/neurotransmitter is made in our GUT and the wrong balance in our guts can lead to symptoms of sleeplessness, depression, anxiety and a feeling like we are in a fight or flight mode - tired but wired! Know the feeling? Its a great video to find out why.

Why do I love talking about and have a passion for GUT health? With the want for understanding our body that I have, it didn't take me long to see that all roads DO lead to Rome.. our Guts are instrumental to our well being. I really wanted to understand what happens to the food after we eat it... I am very fortunate to have undertaken training with both Donna Gates, creator of the Body Ecology Program -  A system of recovering your health and rebuilding your immunity, with much emphasis in probiotic nutrition and the lovely Maria Hunt - who heads the BE program here in Australia. It fired up a journey for that has taken me to many forums and talks from world leaders in the field. Its a evolving topic and the science is hot off the press and it does all make such good sense.

I have also put some great GUT Health Packs together at discounted prices so you can start adding fermented foods into your diet everyday with ease. You can also watch Donna Gates teaching a colleague how to ferment veggies at home by clicking here. The starter kits are part of the discounted packs, as is The Body Ecology Diet book.

To find out more about Body Ecology from Donna Gates - click here.

This months featured recipe is a great tasting all rounder cake... I have a few of these 'Healthy Versions' up my sleeve to put together quickly for guests, special occasions and lunch boxes. This one is Orange and Almond with a twist of Lime using Essential Oils! Yes, they can be used in the kitchen too... My lovely friend and colleague Kim Morrison from Twenty 8 has the most wonderful, high quality range of oils. Once you start using Essential Oils in your every day - there is no looking back. They are my fragrance, in my medical kit, diffusing around the house and in the car! 

In the December newsletter I will share all things 'Raw Cacao' just in time for Christmas and I will have a Gluten Free Chocolate Twist Christmas cake recipe for you. We have put together a easy-buy pack available online and instore so you can make it with ease and impress around your Christmas Table.

Until then, Love Healthy!

Yours in good health,

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Do you have the Guts to be Healthy?

Well do you? Do you understand what it might take in today's day and age? I guess we should all start with a real grasp of what exactly is our microbiome and what is it that makes us have either a good, robust inner eco system or one that causes upset, systemic distress and inflammation in our bodies.  If you want better immunity, efficient digestion, improved clarity and balance, focus on rebuilding your gut health. ..

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Lactobacillus Research Update

This is a great research update on Lactobacillus from the company that patented the FloraFerm process of fermented foods that we have in stock for you. Plant based fermented powders and liquids. The multi stage, organic fermentation using a mixed population of naturally occuring Lactobacillus bacteria and beneficial yeast.The process provides for successive fermentations such that competition effects contribute to selection of a dominant species, ensuring that high numbers of active, viable lactic acid bacteria are present. ..

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Two brains? But only one head... Please explain!

Yep we have two brains.. One in our head, the other our GUT! The latter is actually the larger of the two. Your gut’s “brain” is known as the Enteric Nervous System. This system is home to 100 million neurons within your intestinal wall. These little neurons transmit important information throughout your body. They also control digestion and send status updates to the brain, letting it know how things are going in your belly. You know that old saying - "I have a gut feeling" ... thats all about our Gut - Brain connection. ..

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Orange and Lime Almond Cake
This is a quick and easy cake recipe to have on standby for when you have guests and is great fro lunch boxes. You need to cook the oranges for a few hours but the rest is easy peasy! Ingredients 2 naval oranges - ..
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GUT Health Pack 3
GUT Health Pack 3
GUT Health Pack 3
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