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    Power Up Protein Superfood Balls


    One of my most popular recipes - these Powerballs make an ideal snack and are great pre and post workout. They are great in lunchboxes - big people and little peoples! Easy to make and can last in the fridge up to a week.. (problem is they tend to gone well before then)! 


    • 4 large scoops Powergen Protein formula  (150g)
    • 3 tsp Blendz Good Mood Food (Organic Raw cacao and Cardamom blend) or you can use plain raw cacao here or our new  Balance and Enliven blend which is Raw Cacao and True Cinnamon Verum.
    • 110g Organic Dates
    • 80g dried fruit - I use an Antioxidant rich Organic blend of Blueberry, Goji and Cranberry
    • 100g Nuts - ie; Insecticide Free Almonds
    • 2 tbsp Organic Tahini or Peanut Butter
    • 2 tbsp coconut oil
    • 6-8 tbsp water or milk of choice
    • 1tsp Organic Vanilla Powder
    • 30g Organic Dessicated Coconut


    Process dates - add dry ingredients with tahini and coconut oil and blend together - add dry fruit and Almonds and water to help it come together and blend but not too much... they make a nice crunch. Form into balls with your hands. It is much easier to squish into a ball shape with moist hands then roll in excess desiccated coconut. If your short on time this can be pressed into a lined  lamington/cake  tin and place in the fridge  to harden before cutting up into slices.

    The dried fruit is optional and again with most of these recipes I uses, they are great so easy to change it up! Sometimes I add my Organic SuperGreen Powder, or  I might add a few drops of peppermint oil.