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    Hi Sarah

    I just wanted to follow up conversation yesterday with an email to let you know how incredibly impressed I have been with using your 1:29 superseed blend.  I started using this last week I had been feeling bloated and tired, I am gluten and lactose intolerant and find it hard to keep my bowels regular, once I started using this blend this issue resolved itself but with an immensely added benefit of giving me a huge energy boost.  I have noticed in using it my mood and energy levels have increased substantially, I don’t get tired through the day and when I have a small amount at night I feel on top of the world the next morning and ready for exercise, not sluggish.

    So thank you very much for a wonderful product I am looking forward to continuing to use it and combining it with some of your other blends

    Kind Regards Cindy


    I just wanted to write to you and tell you my story and thank you for providing me with such a great product. I am a 30yo with 3 young children, Healthy and athletic until diagnosed with brain cancer in 2011 – i lost a lot of weight and was rapidly going down hill and my options for recovery were not looking good. I decided that the natural way was best for me and i haven’t looked back. I have eliminated all sugar from my diet and do a number of other things along with exercise to gain my health and your product Gen 1:29 is a fantastic addition to my diet – it makes me feel great and I recommend it to anybody wishing to enhance their diet. So thank you for such a great product that is full of so much goodness, such a convenient snack


    We believe in living a very active lifestyle, with natural healthy food!

    Breakfast we have a super milk shake comprising of banana, natural milk, eggs, natural yeast, Gen 1:29 Superseed, Blendz Good Mood Food, lecithin, natural yogurt, extra chia seeds and  honey. We also add Apricot Kernel Oil that we get from Natural Earth Health ( I, Barrie have had bowel cancer operation in February 1999 and know that I will never have cancer again with the help of this sort of goodness in my diet!)

    Blessings, Barrie & Cynthia Thurecht.

    Barrie 85 and Cynthia 86

    Gen helped me get over my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which I had for 20 years.  Gen 1:29 gives me energy without consuming glucose. Gen is full of B17 which attacks fungus and keeps one extra healthy and energetic and its so easy to take.  Friends who haven't seen me in ten years say I look 10 years younger than when they last saw me!

    David 72yrs old

    Great service as usual my order arrived today along with a sample of new Blendz Balance and Enliven...just enjoying before I head off to bed and I LIKE!! very much...will be on my next order for sure...Is it available yet?...I did look when I placed my last order but it wasn't on the website...Thank you for your great service... 

    Diane Russell

    As a PT I have seen so many promises from so many different protein formulas that are available on the market. So many fall short and have added ingredients that you pay for and dont need to reach your goals. Gen BodySculpt - stacks up. This formula is all you need to make a difference and reach your goals. Go for it!

    Emily Tann, Melbourne

    Since I started using Natural Earth Health Product's “Muscle Gen” my body fat has reduced substantially, muscle density has increased and my energy levels are much higher. This is a great natural supplement that I use each day, regardless of my exercise schedule. Muscle Gen is a top quality product that I fully recommend to anyone serious about improving their diet & health.

    Gary (retired Airline Pilot)

    After 25 years in the Body Building ad Personal Training Industry, I fully understand how important it is to sustain good nutrition. It is an absolute must to keep away from chemicals and stimulants. PowerGen can give you what you need to achieve your goals - naturally.

    Ian Rook, Mr Australia

    I was first introduced to the benefits of raw whole food Superseed formula back in late 2009.  For one or two years prior to this I had been feeling quite unwell and loosing weight dramatically, but had only just been diagnosed as Gluten Sensitive.  My body was severely malnourished due to damage of the Small Intestines Vili Cells which prevented absorption of vital mineral and vitamins from the food I had been eating.  

    I pursued a radical change in eating habits, together with treatment from a naturopath and exercise, and was very much in need of a "boost" to my diet.  Initially I replaced my former breakfast cereal with a generous serve of Greek Yoghurt, and 2 heaped dessertspoons of Superseed (or Gen 1:29 as it was formally known) together with 2 teaspoons of Blendz (or its forerunner Exo). I have continued ever since as I never tire of it, and really miss it if I am away from home and haven't packed any to take with me!  I believe it has been pivotal in my return to health and strength.  Both my husband and daughter now add it to their own breakfast bowls too.

    Most days I also mix about the same quantities of Superseed and Blendz in about 1/2 glass of whole milk and take it before other meals.  I think the enzymes contained are really beneficial to digestion. Most of all it just tastes great.

    Jeanette Miller

    I just want to thanks Sarah for helping me with my tummy upsets - not by taking anything away from me but for adding in the nutrients and the good bugs that I needed to iron my system out after many years of consulting with Doctors and other health professionals.

    A common sense approach, Sarah has me enjoying a daily green drink of magnesium, probiotics, natural vitamin c blend and organic greens with cool filtered water and it has been the booster I needed!

    To get the bulking fiber I needed and the large bowel regular again (which I have not had for many years) I added the Gen 1:29 Superseed into my day and wow - results! So easy to take and lovely taste.

    Within days my energy levels were up and the major bloating has gone down and the grumbling and moaning is no longer heard coming from within!

    I'm feeling so much better! Nutrients, Fiber and Good Bugs are going in!

    Julia - Newfarm, Brisbane Qld Australia

    I was introduced to Gen 1:29 about 10 years ago. I now hope that I should be able to get it for many years to come because it has kept me in good health all this time. It has supported me nutritionally with many ailments including osteoporosis, sinus problems and skin cancer.  I enjoy mixing it into a smoothie drink with raw egg and kefir. Yummy! Some days I add the Blendz Good Mood Food – to enjoy the Coco and Cardamom flavours. When we go travelling I always make sure I take my Gen 1:29 and can eat it whenever I feel like a meal. What better food could I better wish for?

    June K, Palmwoods, Qld

    Natural Earth products fit my food and training philosophy perfectly. I'm about no junk and eating foods in their most natural state.

    Read the label of any Natural Earth product and you'll know exactly what the ingredients are. No numbers, no colours, no crap. I have used  Muscle Gen exclusively while competing in natural bodybuilding winning a title in 2011.

    I now recommend Natural Earth to all my clients not only to aid in muscle growth and repair but as a superfood for all aspects of health.





    Kallum Fideo, Personal Trainer

    Hi Sarah

    Living a busy active full adventurous healthy life, nutrition is a very MUST for me, and nutrition quick and easy is even a bigger MUST, I love love love Natural Earth Products, especially the Powergen Cacao, it is delicious, I can enjoy it with just water and make it like a paste and eat it, or even yummier with coconut yogurt topped with banana and blueberries. I also make a lot of yummy treats out of the products too, my favorite is the chocolate protein bar with the powergen/dates/almond butter/coconut oil, simple and yum. I also love the fact I am supporting a family owned local business, I have total confidence in all the ingredients. I recommend Natural Earth Products to my clients too, as I can say with confidence, there is no chemicals, its great nutritional value, it covers all the musts of carbs, fats, protein, taste, convenience. So glad I met Sarah at the first why fitness magazine launch as thats where I discovered it.

    Melinda Bingley, MAB Personal Training & Adventures

    I am a busy mum and often dont have time to eat  breakfast in the mornings. With Gen BodySculpt I can quickly throw together a great tasting smoothie that I know is super good for me and I can get right thru to lunch time without feeling hungry. I love that there are no nasties in it as well. Thanks Natural Earth for making such a great product.

    Morgan P, Sunshine Beach Qld

    We have been eating Gen1:29 consistently for the last five years. A nutritious breakfast for all ages. It truly is a super food. In that time I have had three healthy pregnancies and three extra healthy children and they all eat Gen 1:29 themselves,everyday. What I noticed through the pregnancies was that one eats less because the Gen 1:29 satisfies ones craving. I never developed cracked heals;  a sure sign that all the natural oils founds in the seeds and tree nuts nourish one from the inside. Each of the babies has beautiful soft porcelain skin with no eczema and they are very happy and content children. I love Gen 1:29 and how it makes my mothering job so easy.

    Patsy - Mother of 13

    We love our Power Gen!, so much my 7 year old son Ronan was not happy yesterday when he realised I had run out. "Awww Mum can you go buy some now!" I said it's Sunday, we will have to wait until Monday. I was not in the good books.

    I will have one happy boy this afternoon. I have just been and got some more. Thanks Sarah and Trudy! Love coming in & seeing your beautiful, friendly faces. Xx

    Rachel Fairlamb

    What I tell all my clients is, ‘use every meal as an excuse to nourish yourself’, and they are often finding this difficult and going for the quick, cheap and easy alternatives and these options are often full of inflammatory food products that are only causing disease. Natural Earth Health Products is providing a variety of incredibly nourishing foods that are quick, easy and affordable, that will ward away disease rather than cause it. These are all foods I use on a daily basis, all combined into one, which is simply AWESOME, allowing you to nourish your 50 trillion cells every sip or bite. Free from chemicals, and full of wholefoods, it is exactly what everyone needs in their life to have on hand. I am so excited that there is a company out there is true to their word and that I can trust.

    Sheridan Williamson - Nutritionist

    Protein powders are all the hype, though the majority of the ones on the market are creating such large toxicity in so many people, it is scary. Natural Earth Health Products protein powders are nothing short of the best, providing protein powders that are of REAL ingredients and will do what you actually want it to do in your body, rather than cause weight gain, diabetes and a vast range of autoimmune diseases. This is the only premade, nourishing, real and honest protein powder I would ever consume, that I would in fact welcome into anyone’s diet for breakfast, lunch or even dinner!

    Sheridan Williamson - Nutritionist

    It is a great junk food replacement and I never leave shore without it. It fills the spot when I am peckish. I have it any time throughout the day and it is just what I need. It satisfies my cravings and I love the it. Especially the chocolate flavour!

    Taubelle - 21 years Master Ocean Sailor